I Got Me the Blues Real Bad...

Last Saturday, I was hanging around downtown all day awaiting the impending Sayonara party for yet another friend. So finally at 7:30 I made it to the meeting place, @the "Shamrock-an Authentic Irish Pub." The restaurant was nearby, so I inquired inside as to its location, only to discover that I was 2 weeks early for the party (I'm such a knob sometimes.) So into the Shamrock I entered for a very nice portion of Fish & Chips and a pint. Well then, on comes a Blues band entitled "Blues Station #4". I really enjoyed their first set and settled down for another pint. Then an old friend came in with 5 of her female friends and I joined them. So a few pints later and after some great Blues, I was finally ready to return home and get over my day-long hangover at 11:00pm.

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