Falling Off the Wagon.

I fell off the wagon so hard, I bruised my bum! Since Stefan has been in town, I suspect than any weight I'd unacquired has been reacquired.

It started off with a terrific burger at Fat Robs (03-5768-9339) in Ebisu, but it was grease free and with a huge avocado slice.

I wandered around Ebisu looking for a great used book store, but never did find it. (By the way, it's called Good Day Books-now I know.) I did see an a cappella group warble outside the Yebisu Garden Palace. I recommend you go back there at night when it's all lit up...very illuminating.

Next I trekked to Shibuya where I saw a couple of entertainers advertising for the latest Pachinko parlour opening.

At the train station entrance, there are some rivals for Hachiko as the rendezvous spot of choice. These mini-sumo kids look like they're having fun.

Eventually, I'd be meeting the gang in Roppongi that night, so I made it there in order to book a Capsule Hotel. There's a nice one in the ロイ building...Super Sauna Roppongi VIVI (スーパーサウナ 六本木VIVI). Roi Bldg 4F, 5-5-1 Roppongi (Roppongi stn exit A3), tel. 03-3404-4126. While seeking my torpedo-shaped sleeping quarters, I saw this guy monkeying around above a pet store.

While waiting to meet up with Stefan and his pals, I continued my walk-about through Roppongi and took in the Vermeer exhibit at the The National Art Center. Though the painting was good, it was the only Vermeer on display and ALL the other paintings were variations of it by other Dutch artists. It was VERY dull. I did get to see a hurdy-gurdy though, so it wasn't a complete waste.

I wound up in Hiroo waiting and waiting and waiting. But at least I had some company.

Eventually, I did meet the gang and we ate at a place called Gonpachi. It's a warehouse-sized izakaya-style restaurant, with great food & beer.

Afterwards, we went to Club Yellow to listen to some a friend of a friend named DJ Milo. Though a cool place for the younger generation to hang around, it wasn't my cup of java, so I trudged several blocks back to my capsule.

Part 2 tomorrow...

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