I was informed by one of my sources that the forthcoming Simpsons Movie has a Mr. Donuts tie-in. In the past, any Simpsons merchandising has been done by CC Lemon and I was first in line to nab those goodies.

Here are the キャラクター (characters) Click around this site and you can watch the trailer with the Japanese dubbers. Lisa is HOT! Marge is butch & scary!

So tonight, I beared the bitter cold and made my way to my local Mr. Donuts and bought their custard set. Four of these little custard-cake concoctions plus 2 Simpsons mugs for about 10 bucks.

At least, I'll have my breakfasts taken care of this week. Once done, I'll have to go back and get the plates.

So much for my diet, but Mmmmm, Donuts goods.

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