Why it is Called a SUPERmarket!

Occasionally when grocery shopping, I pass by the Magazine rack and eyeball the latest in Fashion, Homes and Gardens and the Kiddie mags. This one leapt out at me with a Godzilla and Gegege on the cover, how could I resist?

100+ pages for 5 bucks includes: A sheet of trading cards with a new Godzilla, Gegege, Ultraman, Masked Rider, etc.

A similar sheet of stickers.

A page of Golden Gegege Goodies. I don't know how to acquire them, but they're referred to as a present, so maybe you send away for them.

16 pages (on recycled paper) including: Puzzles and Mazes.

Kiddie drawing submissions.

Recruitment pages for Kidzania. I think their first battle will be against Freedonia.

I like the Kidzania currency.

 One of Ultraman's villains dissected.

Godara's Guts, another bad guy of Ultraman.

12 pages of cardboard somehow fold into this Transformers diorama.

Another 4 pages of cardboard fold into this funky gun.

That's a heckuva lotta Ultraman figures, a four-page spread!

One of two Kamen Rider masks.

20 pages of glossy paper including this Purple Transformer with a freakin' T-rex headed gun on its hand.

The epitome of awesomeness, a Gorilla wearing sunglasses vs. a Shark with a red baseball cap.

One more shot of the Gorilla with a few friends, including a Penguin ballerina riding a lynx.


Godzilla in all his glory.

A little more Gojira.

Another four pages of Gegege vs a Miira (mummy). This one looks like a full-length movie.

Four pages of Gegege TV previews.

And the Ultimate Gegege goodie is a 目玉のおやじ (medama oyaji shooter game) a mini-basketball game where one shoots an eyeball through a hoop.

Christmas and my birthday are coming. Any of the above goods would be appropriate gifts for me.

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Anonymous said...

What could possibly be more embarassing than blowing a game for your team, TWICE!?!
... oh, I see. Attention averted!
Bryan McCabe would like to thank Jiri (who stopped the Jeering) Tlusty (with lusty camera-phone pics)


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