Pilgrims Were a Bunch of Commies!

(If that statement doesn't increase my hit-count, I don't know what will.) As a Canadian, I'd always been suspect of the Thanksgiving tradition of chowing down with the Indians. I concur that the Indians (Native Americans) did supply the Plymouth people with knowledge of fertilizing corn fields with fish heads, but the whole breaking bread (instead of breaking heads) thing seems suspicious. This article by an Economics Prof in New Delhi claims that Thanksgiving has more to do with the Pilgrims overcoming their communal ways, accepting the capitalistic concept of property ownership and praising respite from a drought. But forget all of that, it's history...just sit back, watch your Football, eat Turkey and I hope everyone's Cornucopia is full of goodies!

Speaking of Indians, they signed free agent, 小林 雅英 or Masahide Kobayashi for a mere 6.25 million$.

Here's a YouTube of a different Masahide Kobayashi, for your Thanksgiving viewing pleasure.

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