Happy Anniversaries!

Ernie's Bar had it's first Anniversary on Saturday. There was a huge crowd (70-80 over the course of the evening) and each time I went, it was too damn crowded with 25-30 people shoulder-to-shoulder and I departed and came back twice only to find it still too damn crowded. By the time I returned at 3:00, it was less crowded but it was full of dudes, so Dave & I went for a nightcap elsewhere. A good party for him, but claustrophobic conditions prevented me from enjoying myself there. I did have fun at Suu's, 305 and BBs though.

I popped into the local Game Centre to UFO catch a few items as presents for pals and the only thing worth catching was (Hikonyan), a cat who is the mascot for 彦根城 (Hikone-Jo = Hikone Castle, which is celebrating 400 years.

But the most important one is the 53rd anniversary of everyone's favourite 怪獣/Kaiju, Godzilla. His movie debuted in 1954 and to celebrate I went out and bought a box of ゴジラ ヒーローズ (Gojira Heroes). (Actually I bought the box before I knew about the anniversary, but I needed a segue.) Within were 20 mini-characters and I was lucky enough to get the complete set without acquiring any doubles, though I didn't get the Secret one.

They are all cool, but my favourite is ミニラ (Minira/Minya.) I hated the creature in the movies but I love the cutsie figure.

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