A Slightly Late/Lame Happy Halloween Post!

I had grandiose plans to make a brilliantly astute post for today, but I was so busy at work with Halloween lessons and a viewing of Sleepy Hollow (only one fricken student showed up!) I couldn't squeeze in an entry. Then I planned to meet up with Disco DJ Dave Mixture for a quick one and ended up meeting the lovely Michiko and then Akari and then I missed my bus and by the time I cabbed it home it was 1:00 am!

I managed to squeeze in a quickie UFO catch before they slammed the doors in my face and won 2 pumpkins for One coin! The larger one is a container with felt around it that holds 3 candies. The other Jack 'o Lantern is one of those nerfy things that feels nice when you squish it.

And I picked up a couple of bags of chips at the Conbini that were remotely Halloweenish. First up is a bag of Hapanero 2.0. I'm guessing that 2 is the level of spiciness, but that is a pretty cool spooky Hot Pepper.

Then I got a bag of Jokia which is towagarashi. And no, I don't know what it means either. Yet since it's now 1:45 am, I don't plan on eating either of them. (I'm allowed to cheat on my diet today...it's a Rule of Halloween...That I just made up.)

A nice way to end the night is for the clerk at the Conbini handed me this cute changepurse after witnessing my Jack o' Lantern necktie. I've never seen a Poodle-witch before, but it sure is damn cute!

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