Flower Power.

In my never-ending quest to waste my money on collecting crap, I came across something that is actually practical as well as tasty. For the last week, Suntory has been selling its Oolong Tea with a little booklet of Post-it notes attached and with a description of 12 seasonal flowers, one for each month. I got the last two that I needed today.

As you can see, each flower's name is in Japanese, so I'll try and translate them for you. (My half-assed attempt at studying Japanese.) This site helped a little, as did this one but I still had to Google some.)

January = ume = Plum Blossom
February = anzu = Apricot
March = momo = Peach Blossom
April = botan = Peony
May = sakura = Cherry Blossom
June = hasu = Lotus
July = bara = Rose
August = kinmokusei = Sweet Osmanthus
September = kiku = Chrysanthemum
October = ran = Orchid
November = suisen = Narcissus
December = roubai = Wintersweet or Japanese allspice

Now what the heck do I do with 12 booklets of Post-its?

ps. Recently in the Konbini, Suntory has offered up new Final Fantasy Potion Figures. But at 980¥ a pop, that's too expensive, even for me.

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