I had a few tall ones with Dave yesterday at a place called "Jazz Spot Count". I'd been there once before and it's amazing. It's this little hole in the wall place that you can sit down, have a drink or a coffee and just sit and relax while the guy plays one of his many Jazz records. I hazarded a guess at 4,000 as the amount of records he had...he told me that it's more like 6,000! I love this cigar chewing dude he has sitting on the bar.

He gives out lighters! 022-263-0238.

I then went and played Simpsons Pinball for about an hour (lots of free games) and did a tiny bit of UFO Catching. I picked up these four awesome goofy-looking wrestling characters, Kinniku Man.

Now I want them all. I hate wrestling, but I love these guys!

I was a little peckish, so I chucked the diet and got a Happy Set. It comes with this little frog-like creature called ケロロ (Keroro) and there are 66 of these buggers to collect. Talk about otaku-overkill!

En route home, walking along Kris Road, they had all their typical Christmassy decorations up and I snapped this photo with my phone. Sort of a Zen-Santa, don't you think?

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