Phoning It In.

Woohoo! I got a new cell phone. It's half as heavy as my last phone, has a slightly bigger screen, and tons more functions. (Old=green,new=blue)

It has a built-in Japanese-English dictionary, Global functions, a better camera & movie capability, emails, net access, bar code reader, etc. etc. etc!

It'll take me ages to figure all these functions out, but I AM excited!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that with a sale price plus all the points I'd added up, the phone was free!!
Furthermore, I finally ditched my old cell phone email address since I was unable to cure my SPAM problem. That means no more ads for Rolex knockoffs, Cialis, Viagra or penis enlargements. Now I'll have to seek out those products on my own!


NORI said...

nice phone!!

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Nori. It's sweet! BUT I might need your help in using it!!

NORI said...

it's OK.
Did you change the telephone number?


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