I'm Lovin' it.

From the McDonald's Pokemon Calender for January, 2008.
The only character I could possibly name is Pikachu. Enlighten me as to who the others are if you wish. I'll try to post a Pokemon pic for the first of each month this year.

The 1st is Cheap Movie Day in Japan, so I trekked over to see I Am Legend. Will Smith pulls off another sci-fi extravanganza following in the footsteps of Charlton Heston and Vincent Price fighting off the pigmentally-challenged flesh-eaters. Though he is the only character in most of the movie, I was still riveted to my seat and, for once, I was saddened to see a pet snuff it. Recommended, but for pure cheese, check out The Omega Man or the earlier The Last Man on Earth.

Guess which movie I'll be anxiously awaiting starring a guy with a whip?

At least we only have to wait a month to see this one. (Considering Simpsons was released here on Dec 15th, about the time it came out on DVD in the West!)


Anonymous said...

hey i just came upon your blogs and i love them! keep up the good work.

also i want to move to japan to teach english too, so your like an inspiratin to me. maybe you can post a blog with some tips and advice! =)

either way i'm hooked, so i'll keep reading from now on! and have a happy 2008!


Michael Jones said...

Welcome to the blog. If you're serious about coming to Japan, I have some words of wisdom for you. Contact me at
aoxoltl @ hotmail . com
(Just remove those spaces and drop me a line.)


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