A Stitch In Time.

I have no idea when I acquired this but am I glad I found it yesterday. Now the mushy white stuff they pass off as bread over here can be made into sandwiches with Stitch's face engraved in them!

I won this in one of those Conbini-"buy a 500 yen ticket and raffle for a random piece of Stitch crap a few years back. I don't have much else Stitch-related, thus I must have won it on a first or second try!

Recently they've had another one of them and I got this: Not very impressive, but it does light up (as soon as I can find the proper batteries that is.) I also won a pen the other day that flashes on & off. I've been using it during my Halloween lessons to place in a Jack o'Lantern while explaining the glowing ember that the Devil gave Jack to light his way. (It's a long story, look it up...)

Finally, here is a チョコがサクサク, some little chocolate confectionary square with cornflakes inside. Actually rather yummy!

I have to put my costume together in the morning. I know what I'm wearing but unsure as to how to assemble it! I can't wait to see all of the witches tomorrow night at Echophonyk at Shaft so it's off to bed to dream of ghosts & goblins!

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