Happy Bathday!

Just thought I'd send a heads-up to several people who are celebrating a birthday this month. Earlier in January, pals Hinnie & Hiroko added an extra year to their young frames. Several days ago, Ando, Dave & Rob had their birth canal-anniversaries. Yesterday, my pal Iris in Guelph gained a year on me. Today, it was ex-squeeze and soon to squeeze out one of her own, Kayoko. And tomorrow, Mark D. Saito's charming better half, Yuko celebrates the 2nd anniversary of her sweet 16!

But let's forget about them and hail the Sea King's birthday for Aquaman turns 68 today! (Probably a little older than that but his Comic debuted in 1941.) To pay homage to this stupendous event, I present not one but two Hostess Twinkie Ads that feature the Dweller of the Depths. Enjoy!

As an added bonus, here is an episode of his famous TV show of the 60's.

BTW, the post's title refers to the Japanese inability to distinguish the sound bath from birth which both come out as バス (basu!) So when I overhear them singing Happy Birthday, it always sounds like Happy Bathday!

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