A Bridge Over Troubled Tokyo.

Tomorrow is the first day of お盆 (Obon ), a Day of the Dead festival to honour the spirits of one's ancestors (click for a previous entry.) Several of my elder students have been preparing all week, expecting visitors from all over the land. I have a 2 weeks off (though I'm working 5 of those days) yet I haven't made any travel plans. Mainly because EVERYONE ELSE is travelling now! For example, taking a subway in Tokyo is not appealing right now...

But I will be making a sojourn to Tokyo on August 23rd and I get to travel there for free! A few weeks back, I won 2nd place in a mini-local-bridge-tourney and got the booby prize of a free Shinkansen trip to a huge Tokyo tournament! I have to pay 50 bucks entry, but the trip is gratis! Hopefully I won't have to take the subway!

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