I went out on the town last Friday and en route back, I popped into the Daily Yamazaki conbini. It usually has pretty slim pickings for goofy collectibles but on this occasion, I lucked out. These little pencil case pouches are free with a purchase of certain goods and they are remarkably sturdy.

I'll have to investigate further into the contest, but I have now been introduced to Scarecrowman. Click around the the official site and it appears that I may have to watch the Animax cable station on occasion.

Here's a smattering of the animation for your perusal:

Lest we forget, here is my カカシ kakashi / scarecrow costume of two years ago.

While I'm here, I may as well do an update on an Ozu story I posted way back when. I found the same book as a pop-up (for only 50 yen more!) so here it is in all it's 3D glory:

This is the really expensive Pop-up version for about 50 bucks! If anyone ever wants to treat me to it, feel free!

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