Unbelievable! We Won!

After a sketchy first half, we pulled a come-from-behind victory out of thin air!
That's right...The Rakuten Eagles were down 6-2 but went ahead in the 6th inning to win 10-9 overall. That means we are solidly in 3rd place, a full 0.5 points ahead of the Lions!

I bet you thought I was referring to my bridge tournament today. We had a pretty good morning ranking at 19/48, but our afternoon took a turn for the worse with an astounding ranking of 48/48! It gave us an overall 37/48, which is not very respectable, I must say. I openly admit that even I made a few mistakes in play and bidding! That's the unbelievable part of it! Good news is: I scammed an official JCBL pencil, a Pyrrhic victory at best!

Further good news is that I had time to have dinner with ex-Echo DJ Mark Saito and I caught the Super-Express Hayate Shinkensen home and didn't get hassled by the Man over my Non-Reserved ticket on an all-Reserved train!

It also appears that I've gained yet another follower, so welcome Erick with a quote from Dr. Zaius,
"George Taylor: Don't try to follow me. I'm pretty handy with this.
Dr. Zaius: Of that I'm sure. All my life I've awaited your coming and dreaded it."

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