To Mock A Killingbird!

My hometown (Brampton) which is full of rednecks, Newfies & race-related gangs has just notched up another reason for me to avoid visiting it. A
complaint prompts school to kill 'Mockingbird', so they've gotten onto the Book-Banning Bandwagon by prohibiting To Kill a Mockingbird from their curriculum, regardless of having a huge black population in the school. Goofs!

The best John Hughes tribute on the planet is a truly moving blog entry by a young amateur writer. Click that and you'll see what I mean. She makes mention of being contacted by John Candy's two sons in her over 2500 comments! My JC connection would be back when Bruce McNall, Wayne Gretzky, and he were co-owners of the Toronto Argonauts and BigBob & I went to the opening game. At half-time, the Blues Brothers (with James Belushi, not John & Dan) played and it was truly amazing! The Argos went on to win the Grey Cup that year, though McNall ended up arrested for fraud, Wayne has a losing hockey franchise with the Coyotes and we all know where Mr. Candy ended up.

Big news for those of you missing a KitKat revival, I have 2 new flavours for you. This one came out a few weeks ago and though it says it's a strawberry-chocolate, I barely got a whiff of strawberry out of it. It claims
冷やしておいしい (hiyashite, oishii) which means that one should refrigerate it to capture its deliciousness. So here goes...Meh, a little better but nothing to jump for joy over.

Far superior is すっぱいオレンジ (suppai-orengi) which tastes terrific. It is Sour-Orange flavour and is wondrous. Highly recommended, maybe my favourite this year!!!

Here's a non-sequitur for you, David Lynch directs Empire:

Finally, in the Separated from Birth category, who thinks that I could play Dr. Vulko in the forthcoming Aquaman movie?

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