JuJitsu KitKat!

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting! The latest flavour of KitKat is 充実野菜 (Ju-Jitsu Yasai) which translates as Fulfilling Vegetables! If that doesn't get you in the mood for fighting, I dunno what will. Although I never considered an Apple to be a veggie, I suppose a Carrot fits the bill and that is the dominant taste of the mix.

It's this colour when you open it, but looks, smells and tastes a little bit like barf upon first bite! Not very apeeling!

According to the nutritional info, it is based on a Veggie drink one can buy from any combini in a compact drink-box.

I've done some digging, and it appears that this a precursor to a KitKat-flavoured Veggie drink that'll soon be on the market (by ITO EN!) Will it be the best drink ever or will it be like an emetic vegetarian's heave-ho? You do know that I shall be on hand to try it...the sacrifices I make for my loyal readership!

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