I Will Follow You.

I've gained another Follower! This time it's a comic writer named John Rozum, creator of Milestone Comics' Xombi, and Vertigo's Midnight, Mass, neither of which I have read (maybe I read Xombi back in the day, sorry I don't recall) I'm sorry to say, but they do look pretty cool! I will check them out next time I'm back home.

Now, I know the reason I've been added to his list is because I promised to join his 31 Days of Halloween, an endeavour by bloggers the world over who'll contribute to that UnHoly day by doing a Halloweeny post daily starting on Oct 1st (which I stupidly misinterpreted as making 100 horror-related posts between now and the 31st, 31 entries is a lot easier to handle.) Without knowing about this, I often made almost daily spooky posts in the month of October, but this time I will make a deliberate attempt to do so. (Check my little Halloween Label below for MY past posts.)

To celebrate my new cyber-stalker, here's a little comic nestled in the pages of a ゴジラvsメカゴジラ (Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II) mini-mag I happen to own.

Be sure to click on any of the above pages to Radioactivate them to Big G size!

Here is the trailer to the above movie...

Haha, fooled ya! Speaking of Followers and Godzilla though, the Mighty WIEC has a Godzilla Poll going. Be sure to vote!

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wiec? said...

thanks for the shout out Michael.


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