Check, Mate!

Back in High School, I was a member of the CPSS Chess Club and our team went on to win a couple of Canadian Championships! Alas, I sat on the bench and never played on the team (C'mon, Mr. Inch...send me in as a sacrificial pawn!) The ONLY person from High School with whom I am still in touch with is Philip Kummel (musically known these days as, PIP) and you can see the both of us in this picture from the Brampton Daily Times! (*Oops, picture didn't upload.)

I was also in the Bridge club with afore-pictured Martin Bucholz. We played in a few tournaments back then, though I don't think we ever won. I also played in University, but never in a tournament...we played in the sports lounge at lunch time at a penny a point. It helped supplement my income! I picked up the game again in the 90's when my older brother and myself played at the IBM club weekly. He and I played in a few tourneys and ranked fairly high, though I don't recall winning any outside of the club. I did win once by playing with another member from that club and we took First in an Ontario final game! I have the trophy sitting in my locker at home.

Well tomorrow, my partner and I are representing Sendai in a National Tournament in Tokyo! Our transportation has been paid for and I am looking forward to winning another tourney! The current Foreign Minister of Japan will be playing in the match and hope we kick his ass. He's the wienie who always makes disparaging remarks about gaijin!

ps. Happy Birthday, Ozma!

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