Happy Get Lucky!


I went to a Happy Go Lucky (TEL.022-724-3565 FAX.022-724-3565 営業時間. 13:00~23:00
定休日.毎週日曜日・祝日仙台市青葉区中央二丁目1-15仙台マンション) party at which DJ Mixture works part-time (and I worked there twice when I was unemployed a year ago too.) None of the students recognized me so I was the topic of much speculation. A good time was had by all and I appreciated the night out. Rather than show you pics of people that I'll probably never see again, I put them on a Flickr account instead. For some reason, they uploaded in reverse order, so to see the first picture, you'll have to go to page 4 and work backwards. The highlight was when I bumped into a waitress who spilled an entire tray of drinks on a Canadian guy! Why she insisted on gathering up broken glass with her bare hand is beyond me.

It was fun, but not as fun as this...

Back to the evening, the Liga gang really appreciated the business when I showed up with 25-30 people on their doorstep for the 2nd party. It took a while for them to start singing but once they did, they were okay. Later in the night though, one of my old Pirate homies showed up and belted out a few tunes much to the amazement of the crowd.

I also reacquainted myself with Haruka. I hope to see her again...

After they left another couple came in with matching panther tattoos that they insist were drawn independently before they'd met. Ahh, young love.

She proceeded to get very intoxicated and flirtatious and spilled a record 3 drinks and stumbled her way out but not before slipping me her # and showing off a few other tatts. Since she started to get violent near the end, I don't think I'll be calling her anytime soon.

I wasn't quite ready to retire, so I chatted up the last 3 damsels in the place and finally made it home at 5. Ahh, vacation life!

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