I Got The Whole World In My Hands!

In this blog, you've seen a lotta Panda-paraphernalia but never the real thing (in your face Ueno Zoo, ya posers!) But back in 1985, a pair of giant pandas on loan for three months from the Peoples' Republic of China, were displayed at the Metro Toronto Zoo. Ed & I checked them out (along with several million other visitors) one fine Sunday afternoon.

So here are Qinn Qinn and Shayan for your amusement. Along for the ride are several other animals such as Siberian Tigers, Polar Bears, Leopards, Orangutans & a Rhino. (Sounds like a meal for the Tasmanian Devil!) What I don't have are any photos of Ed!

We also went to the CNE on an annual basis, not for the rides but for the games, the international food tent and its collection of beers...And for Skeletor!

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