In Training.

I hopped on the train to Haranomachi yesterday for a quick onsen and dinner with pal Hisako. En route there, I decided to set up my camera to take random shots of landscape as we went zooming by. Here are the results of the "speed force" shots.

I took over a hundred pics and those were the speedy ones. Warp drive is off for the following more pristine landscape shots. I could probably figure out how to remove the glare with photoshop, but I'm too lazy to investigate.

Lots of nice shots of rice paddies, but I sure wish I'd seen some of these!

This was the onsen we went to, it's called Yusa (I think) and it's lovely. Alas, Hisako is not unlike other Japanese women and gets bored after 20 minutes of bathing. This was the one time I'd have loved to soak for an hour.

It wouldn't be Japan without a festival going on, so we killed an hour at their local O-Bon fest featuring dancers marching in a circle, Samurai fans and a watermelon giveaway.

As we're gearing up for Hallowe'en, I thought I'd start posting the odd spooky (NSW) YouTube. Only 40 more shopping days till All Hallow's before Japan takes down the Hallowe'en decorations in time for Christmas!

That was by director, Takena, who I last featured here.

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