Saturday Stags!

For just 20 bucks which isn't much doe, I was invited to several stags in the 80s for several of Ed's deer buddies and siblings. Much drinking, losing at poker, drinking, watching of naughty movies, drinking, eating heaps of Polish sausage, drinking and the occasional stripper were the norm for these extravaganzas. (Warning: some of these may not be safe for work...or anywhere else for that matter!)

Ed designed all the invitations such as this one for his friend Tom Cooke, whose father happened to be the Police Chief of Toronto. There were several cops present and they provided the raunchiest pron I've ever seen!

His eldest brother is a successful anaesthesiologist in Winnipeg and after Ed's departure, I continued to send his sons some funky gifts in his stead.

His other brother, Richard, and I are still in touch with each other. I usually see him once or twice whenever I head to Toronto and his daughter is a big fan of Japanese culture so she loves to hear from me as well. He also plays a mean accordian!

I don't know this guy, Brian Tos, well but he was another member of Ed's Polish community who made me an honourary Pole when I befriended the evenings entertainment (it involved an ecdysiast & a marshmallow, my recollection is hazy.)

I have no idea whose evening this was for, but what a funky flyer!

Finally, I can't recall whose stag this was taken at, but it involved a day of golf. We had to down a shot at each hole and I think a hash brownie was consumed halfway through. Points were shaved for stunts and I putted the water hazard with a pink flamingo toilet plunger. My apologies go out to the guy whose gym bag received my partially consumed brownie in the limo ride home!

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