Closer To The Heart!

My Pal Alex constantly teased me with a souvenir that he'd brought back from Canada last August. Everytime we'd meet, he'd forget to bring it, but continued to promise me the Mr. Hankey that he'd obtained. I was sceptical as to how cool it could be, for I already had some Christmas Poo Paraphernalia. Finally, he came through tonight and presented me with the present.

Much to my surprise and joy, it was not Mr. Hankey, rather Mr. Henke! He went to a Jays game when home and they were handing out goodies in tribute to our win back in '92 & '93. This particular game was distributing Figurines of the key players of the series.

If you want to learn more about about our favourite Closer, Tom The Terminator Henke click his name for an interview on the FAN590 or read this info from his figurine's box!

Blue Jays have had a crap season this year, so there's no chance of capturing past glory...we really need to add a Japanese guy to our roster!

Speaking of Japanese guys, our Eagles lost again today but so did our closest rivals, the Lions, thus keeping us 3 games ahead for the final playoff spot!

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