Got Peanuts In It?

Last night's Echophonyk was pretty good (slow start gradual improvement), but since I smacked the crystal of my camera last week, I have no photographic evidence. I had some of the hotties squealing with delight as they boogied with Santa but I've learned that the old bod is beginning to wear out. My lungs are not what they used to be! Afterwards, I popped into 3 other bars to promote our Halloween gig and bumped into an old acquaintance from my Soma days...it's wacky Wako!

Recently, the conbinis have been selling their candy and if you buy 2, you get an extra treat. This one gave us a mini-Peanuts bag.

Since I'm on a Dino-kick, here's a favourite strip from the early 70s. But since when does the knee bone connect to the wrist bone? That's one messed up T-Rex!

On the way to bridge today, (came 2nd, I gotta play hungover more often) I came across Hot Pepper with a Snooped up cover.

After bridge I discovered some intriguing little phone straps. I really wanted a Thinker on the Stinker, but all I got were several potties.

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