Here There Be Monster Hunters!

On my way home from Bridge, I popped into Sunkus for a bento and discovered one of those 500¥ lucky draws for モンスターハンター3 (Monster Hunter 3). I've never played the game nor even seen it played, but the monsters are pretty cool. Having a few spare coins to spare, I gave it a try and got a glass. Cool but not sufficient to sate my inner-predator.

I tried again and got a clear file folder with some kind of buckle on a strap whose purpose cannot be discerned.

I was still Kraven some huntin', so I tried again and got the #1 prize, a
トロフィー (Rioreusu-trophy) which is very cool indeed!

Someone has played this game before...

I'm going to play bridge again tomorrow in order to practice for another tourney in Morioka. Will I pop into the Sunkus again? Damn straight, there is M-H TOILET PAPER to be won!!

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