The TreX-Files!

Set the Wayback machine to 1966 and you'll find the premiere of a little SF show originally entitled "Wagon Train to the Stars" but went on the air as "Star Trek." To celebrate that little anniversary, here is a binder full of the Official Star Trek Fact Files, #1 in a weekly series (now numbering about 200!) The first file cost 290¥ and with that you get a nifty binder to hold all the Facts, Dano. Unfortunately subsequent files cost 580¥ and had I continued to buy these, I'd be running close to a thousand bucks to fill my binder!

Here we go with the front cover of the binder and front cover of the file.

Each File is separated into 7 Sections, the first being, "The Guide to the ST Galaxy."

Starting off with the Introduction, including everything from a Timeline to Other Races.

Here's the Timeline. Can you pinpoint each event by only the Stardate?

The first Alien Race studied are Klingons.

The next Section is Starship & Federation.

This includes the infamous Picard Maneuver.

Also Main Engineering in a little UFO called the Enterprise.

Section #3: Non-Federation Starships.

Featuring the Klingon Bird of Prey (the coolest ship EVER made, IMHO.)

#4, Personnel Files focuses on our favourite Pinocchio, Data!

Next up is Section 5, Equipment & Technology...

featuring Transporters (no flies please.)

Following is Section 6, Starship Log.

It includes a favourite from Voyager and from TNG.

Finally Section 7 is A-Z Access Point, beginning an A-Z glossary.

It all ends with a smattering of Series & Movies logos on the reverse of the Binder. All in all, a nice little package for under 3 bucks!

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