Hey Norton!

Somehow my Norton has been turned off and they want me to cough up 60 bucks to switch it back on. Apparently I have 42 different viruses awaiting to leap on my every word and infect me. My problem is that when my friends helped to set up my pc in the first place, I don't know what was bootleg and what was purchased and what I can upgrade and which password is which and now I can't even access my blog without being told that I have reached an inaccessible site!
It looks like I'll just be playing Spider Solitaire for the next few days until I can get it fixed!

Thus updating may be slightly sparse...


Tegan said...

This is why I've been switching everything over to open source software. Even my anti-virus is open source (I'm using AVG). I have maybe two or three programs, besides the operating system, that aren't open source.

Michael Jones said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll check into it.


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