I'd Be Lion...

If I told you I had a good time, for I went to see the Lions vs. the Eagles tonight and unfortunately our boys were Lion down on the job and the Lions were King.

Because I went solo, there was no one I could inflict my bad jokes upon, so I had to find other ways to amuse myself. Since I'm working tomorrow, I only had one beer and Homer was right that baseball without beer is pretty dull.

I haven't been to a game in 2 years, so I've never seen a KitKat girl in action. I bought a bar at twice the price in order to snap this photo of a rather shy gal.

A couple of Cola-girls led the crowd in a 7th Inning stretch, but I was disappointed for there was no great Balloon blowoff due to the Influenza scare. I suppose sputtering balloons expel flu-soaked spittle over the masses so this tradition has been put on hold for now.

They've added an Eagle on stilts and giant pickle to their mascot roster. I was too far away to capture the cheerleaders on film, so this'll have to do.

Leaving the stadium in shame, one of the bearded Dwarf-wannabees posed for me.

Not a bad game for 1200¥ but when you add the beer, KitKat & Gyutan for dinner, it adds up. In case it started raining, I bought an official Rakuten Towel as well. A tad expensive, but one can always use a towel (just ask Arthur Dent...obscure HHGTTG reference.)

On my way home I grabbed a much less expensive snack and espied a can of Aquarius on sale boasting Dice-K of the Angels!

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