Trick Or Treating.

Good things come in threes. This time it's 3 new KitKats! (Sort of.) Yesterday I found a new Cookie-flavoured one entitled appropriately...クッキープラス (Cookie Plus.) I shared the box of 8 + 2 with my adults yesterday to positive reviews. I liked them too!

As an added bonus, on the interior of the box is a 四つ葉のクローバー探し with two different types of Lucky Four-Leaf Clover to hunt for (yotsu hapa no kuro-ba- sagashi), Good Luck!

Then today I saw on the shelf 2 new Halloweeny flavours. This is just a repackaged キャラメルプリン (Caramel-Pudding) from last year. Yummy but a little bit of an overpowering sugar-rush.

The obverse includes some kind of give-away, I'll have to pursue this further...

Next up is mini-pack of Littles, bite sized tidbits for your mouth. This flavour is also Caramel, but this time it's...塩&キャラメル (Salt & Caramel!!)

That's it for the KitKats but there were several other comestibles on display and here they are: We have Toppo, a Pocky clone, consisting of chocolate filled pretzel sticks. Not much substance to it, but a few cute Halloween images to enjoy.

Next up is some kind of Koala Kookie with several koalas wearing several different costumes.

This wasn't offered up for sale, but a student today gave me a pack of GeGeGe Milk-Cookies which taste like an ordinary old milk-cookie and there isn't even a characters face embossing the biscuit! Boo!

For those of you can read Japanese, here is a writeup of the three featured characters. For those who can't...Click Me!

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The Frog Queen said...

Everytime I visit your site....I want some candy ;D



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