The Curse Of The Colonel!

I knew of this story, but Mokogohan reminded me in the comments to yesterday's post. Here are his insights to my new Colonelized-Keychain (for those of you too lazy to click):

"The title of that Col. Sanders strap literally translates to "Welcome home Colonel!"
It's a funny story- a few years back, Osaka's pro baseball team- the Hanshin Tigers, finally won the championship after an extended drought of being losers. A victory tradition of the Osaka fans is to jump into a famous local canal from a bridge. Things got carried away during the riotous victory celebration and a plastic statue of the Colonel was one of them! They chucked him in the river and there he layed for 3 or 4 years. Last year they recovered his body in the condition you see it on the left (mouldy and covered with seaweed, lichen and whatnot). He's been restored to his former deep-fried-chicken-hawking glory on the right. Dontcha' just love a happy ending?"

Here is a closeup of the keychain for your perusal. The headline reads, "おかえり!カーネルストラップ" (O-Kaeri! Ka-neru Sutorappu). Be sure to click on the pic to find out the Colonel's Secret Recipe!

While writing this, my beloved Eagles are behind 2-1 in the 9th. C'mon soar above those Lions!

UPDATE!! After 2 doubles, our boys tied it up and then won it 3-2! Woohoo!

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