You Bet Jurassic!

I've added a new "Countdown to Halloween" Banner on my site and gained a new follower (Shawn Robare) who runs the Branded in the 80s site that not unsurprisingly discusses brand names from the 80s. I'm looking forward to perusing his site. I know that he has only joined my humble domain to check up on me and ensure that I provide a Halloweeny post throughout October, but he's welcome nonetheless.

Meanwhile, it looks like I've solved my little viral attack and can now access my own site, so as promised...here come the Dinosaurs! I'll let the vibrantly coloured pictures speak for themselves, I'm sure anyone reading this site knows a little bit about our Cretaceous colleagues. After that, I have some B&W toons talking about the history of prehistory to educate and amuse you. ENJOY! (I skipped the 290 pages of B&W pics all excellent looking, such as this Smileodon!)

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wiec? said...

these are really cool. thanks for sharing.


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