Alas I can't find the originals nor the originating conspiracy-theory magazine but only some copies I'd made a while back of one of the bills. (**UPDATE-see below) If you fold each of the US Bills (5, 10, 20, 50 & 100) in the same fashion as shown in this 20$ bill, you get a progression of the Terrorist attack on the WTC 8 years ago. I'll get my students to fold the other bills tomorrow (I suck at origami) and provide the evidence afterwards.

UPDATE: Rather than make a separate post, I'll show the results of my guys' origami skills.

Starting with the fiver, you see an intact WTC before the tragedy.

The first plane hits...

The devastation continues as the second plane collides...

Only rubble remains as the smoke billows forth...

Only the smoke remains.

What do you think?
Incredible coincidence? Another instance of Pareidolia. A subplot for the next entry in the National Treasure franchise? Or a case of a nutjob with way too much time on his hands?
You be the judge.

UPDATE: I found the original pages that juxtapose the original photos of the disaster along side the origamized bills. It is a lot creepier now...

ps. I don't want anyone to take umbrage against me for making light of the tragedy that occurred 8 years ago. I feel very strongly for those whose lives were lost and even moreso for their families.

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