The Countdown Begins Tomorrow!!!

To get geared up for my addition to the infamous Countdown to Halloween I bought a 500¥ ticket @ 7-11 to win a Stitch item expecting to get one of those cheap ass toys that you usually get. Lo & behold, but I won one of the top prizes, a slipper. (You read that right, a single slipper that you stuff both of your feet in to keep them warm. I'll be regifting this sucker asap!)

Giving a nod to my follower Erick, here are some links to the organizers of Countdown to Halloween:

John Rozum at johnrozum.com
Shawn Robare at Branded in the 80s
Jon K at Jon's Random Acts of Geekery

Be sure to surf on over to any of those guys or just click the little banner below or at the top right of my blog.

This little video will also enlighten you as to our collective Monster Madness:

I'm a little too impatient to wait for tomorrow, so here is a poster I'm working on for our Halloween party in 31 short days. (Gratitude to the Gratis Greatness of i-mockery for the Spooky Letter Generator!)

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