Gobble, Gobble!

Since I arrived at the airport on Saturday, I've had a turkey dinner at my brother's, turkey with Alex's parents and friends on Sunday and I just had some turkey leftovers for dinner tonight! As you may have guessed today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I snapped some lovely pictures of the above meals that I'll share someday when I can download them...

The meals went something like this:

I also snapped some great pics of houses trussed up for All Hallow's Eve and again, you'll see them upon downloadability.

Until then Thanks, Thanks for the friends and family here in Canada Thanks to those pals in Japan and Thanks for reading the blog!

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Stephen said...

My wife and I wondered just the other day if there was such a thing as a turkey eating contest. Do you think they fell asleep an hour later from tryptophan overdose?


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