Happy All Hallow's Eve!

Last night's Echophonyk gig had about 200 happy souls imbibing and exulting in all things spooky and eerie but tonight is our big party at Club Droom and we hope to top that! We do though have competition from Shaft (HipHop), ADD (Techno), Bar Isn't It (crappy dance music) & Club Ghetto (who knows?**). I hope the foreboding clouds don't impede people from partaking in this evening's festivities, there is plenty of choice out there for the party-goer...I fervently hope you choose us!
(**More about this gig tomorrow...)

Thanks to everyone who read my blog during the Countdown, if you are at home sick with the Zombie Flu, just sit back, click on that link and enjoy the various participants' entries. Or you can send one of the following (and more) Halloween e-cards to the Ghoul of your dreams.

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