I Swine!

I spent a day in Niagara Falls & Niagara-on-the-Lake with my brother, Stephen Pip Kummel and his Thai-galfriend, Maym. It was a windy, nippy day but we managed to have a wonderful time, though Maym better get used to the cold winter fast! (More pictures later.) I bought several Ice Wine products including a surprisingly cheap bottle of Vidal. Unfortunately, I didn't pack it in my suitcase for fear of breakage and dopey me approached Customs with it in my carry-on. I had removed all potentially lethal liquids, such as toothpaste, cologne & mouthwash but I didn't even consider that the wine was verbotten! Since it only cost 20 bucks and it'd cost me 250 to check another bag, the Gore-Vidal got unceremoniously dumped in the Mens'! I'm certain that the cleaner really cleans up in discarded liquor...

Here are some of the products, I did get away with including , Maple-Ice Wine jelly, Blueberry-Ice Wine jelly & six bars of Fudge. (Mmmm. Fudge!) I bought another bottle at the duty-free, but this one cost me over 50 bucks!

That was an intriguing song about Frankenstein, so here's the real thing!

These came with some jelly beans. They are also Stamps!

That was a very cool version of 死の舞踏 (Danse Macabre)! I love it.

More Tricks & Treats from Pocky this year. Last year we got Pumpkin Flavour (meh) and this year it's your plain old Strawberry or Chocolate but it includes a cut out mask!

Next time, I recommend he try one of the new KitKats instead! We've seen it before, but it's been repackaged in time for Halloween and the only thing better than KitKat is lots of KitKats on sale! MmmMango!

Next up, we have a rather odd but yummy ジンジャーエール味 (Ginger Ale) version!

Then I found a 焼きいも味 (yaki-imo = baked Sweet Potato) version! Not a yam-fan, but it smells nice!

I brought back a Canadian coconut version for Yuki and she reciprocated with a サクランボ (Sakuranbo = cherry blossom)!
Man, I love this time of year...

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