I saw the Jersey Boys yesterday (second row, centre for only 20 bucks...thanks Phil!) Awesome show, very funny, great music and the lead singer is a former colleague of my host! It turns out that the actor who portrays Frankie Valli is an old Uni-colleague of Phil's wife-san, Dawn...she helped convince him to go into acting from Med school!

Regardless of how great the show was though, I suffered from a supreme case of envy throughout. For what show is premiering on October 20th? Nothing but "Toxic Avenger, the Musical!" Man-o-man, I'd love to see that! Since I saw "Evil Dead, the Musical" last year, I've been waiting for another bizarre Comedy-Horror/SciFi-Musical Extravaganza and this sounds right up my alley! Ah well, perhaps it'll be beloved by one and all and be running next year. We can only hope!

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Jersey Boys said...

I got to see Jersey Boys in 2007, it was amazing! My mother had such a great time.


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