Les Effroyables Classiques.

Way back in 2002, my buddy Bob sent me my quarterly care package (ahhh, the good old days when he used to scam free postage from his employter) he included a set of 10 Burger King Kids Meals including depictions of the best of Simpsons' Halloween Specials. So starting with King Homer Kong and culminating in BartZilla, here are some poorly scanned residents of Springfield. (Boy, I'll be happy when my camera comes back from the shop, my scanner doesn't do 3D very well!)

Speaking of Bartzilla, here's an unassembled Godzilla from 2002's Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla.

I mentioned yesterday that I'd like to include a bit of the big G & a GeGeGe figure daily, so here are two コマ (koma=top). See ya all tomorrow for more Halloween Countdown goodies!

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