PepsiMan Meets...The Universal Monsters!

That's right boys and ghouls, the official Countdown to Halloween has begun and the other day, you got a taste of PepsiMan's antics. Well, you ain't seen nuthin' yet! PepsiMan had a run-in with 17 different spooky characters, including the iconic Universal Monsters as well as a few knockoffs (probably so as to not violate any copyrights.)

Part One saw him get grabbed by a generic Skeleton, have his head crushed by Frankenstein (actually his Monster), be enwrapped by a Terror Tree (might be an Ozian Arboreal), reposed in a Coffin, haunted by a Ghost, carried Julie Adams-style by The Creature (from the Black Lagoon), about to be conked by a Giant Gorilla (too small for King Kong, possibly Mighty Joe Young), your typical Witch cooking him up in a brew, frightened by bats outside a Gravestone and standing shocked behind The Wolf Man!! These caps came with a 500ml Pepsi and it took several carbonated concoctions for me to get the set.

I still don't have all the different variants but I'm only missing one from each series, in this case a Red-lined Coffin. Check out all the variants here!

Here are the ones I do have...

The Secret Caps had nothing to do with PepsiMan, but were just a Regular and Diet Pepsi covered by a Ghost sheet. Meh!

I never knew the UniMons were such funky musicians here in Japan...

Part Two's batch were attached to 1.5 litre bottles of the bubbly beverage. Now PepsiMan met the Metaluna Mutant, was swallowed by Horror Shark (Spielberg wanted too much dough to allow it to be called Jaws), tossed by the Mummy, chained by the Grim Reaper, share a pop with Dracula, be experimented on by the unknown Dr. Mad and flashed by The Invisible Man!

Only a few variants, I'm only missing a Grey Grim Reaper.
UPDATE: I got it!!

Today was a little longer than other future posts, but I hope to include Japan's contribution to the macabre with a GeGeGe & a Godzilla from my collection for your perusal between now & Halloween. Here is a quickie GeGeGe pair of buildings from a set that I never completed and haven't even opened yet.

As for the Big G, here is an unopened model of his debut figurine and since I don't have the movie program from 1954, here's one from 2000 instead.


Shawn Robare said...

Oh Man! Those Pepsiman caps are so cool. Why don't we ever get neat stuff like that here in the states...

Michael Jones said...

I'm forever giving away my doubles & triples to friends when I visit them in Canada. Great conversation pieces.


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