The problem with being the photographer is that one tends to not be the photographee.
Another problem with being a Halloween party costume Judge is that it's in poor taste to award yourself best costume even if you're the winner hands down. But over the last few years, I have had a few pics taken of me and here they are for you.

These are the ones I've had taken from previous posts of various local parties with a smattering of outfits from the olden days.

These were taken back in my Welfare Worker days. It must have been troubling to meet your Case worker when he's dressed as Robin Hood or a Mummy!

This is me from 1998(?) when I taught at an international school in Toronto with a couple of the Japanese students. Why didn't anyone want to dance with me?

My first year at Tokiwagi was just a variation on the above because I hadn't yet acquired all the crap I have today.

Later that week, we had our party and I went as Monster Island in attendance with my first (platonic) girlfriend, Yasu.

This actually wasn't taken at a Halloween party but at a Cross-dress party. I won best Female!

This Caveman includes an early incarnation of a later costume and my Neo from the Fatrix, these were taken with my cell phone so they are really tiny.

One of our earlier parties at the FARM showed off my Computer Pirate do.

Our next FARM party showcased me as a カカシ/kakashi or Scarecrow.

Last year I was another Caveman, though the locals mistook me for 雷様 (Kaminari-Sama = Lightning God)! Here is the costume in detail.

Finally, again from my Welfare days...my BEST EVER COSTUME!!


The Frog Queen said...

Great costumes. What dedication. You are invited to my Halloween party!! :)


Michael Jones said...

It's a bit of a commute from Japan, but I'll try...


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