Happy BloodBath Day!

First up, a ハッピー誕生日 to DJ Mokugohan (Alex*) who turns 40 in two years from today! Secondly, ex-co-worker Kiyo-chan celebrates a バスデー as well.

But most importantly (since it fits a Halloween theme), it's the birthday of ベラ・ルゴシ (Bela Lugosi) who has unfortunately been somewhat dead longer than I've been alive.

When I was home, I foraged through my vault and found a few goodies. Here is a Bandai model of ドラクラ from 1979. I'll introduce other tidbits when appropriate.

Here we have Bela in his most famous role, Enjoy...

*While I'm speaking of Mokugohan, don't forget to sign up for our Halloween Party! I promise it won't SUCK (unlike Bela.)


Shawn Robare said...

That Bandai model is so awesome. Were there other monsters?

Michael Jones said...

There were at least 8. I'll try and find a link. I actually bought it years ago at the Silver Snail in Toronto for 8.95$ but I probably got it on sale.
There's an awesome Frankenstein that I was going to hold off on until Boris week on Frankensteinia. You may not be able to hold off until then.

Wait until you see tomorrow's!


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