When Animals Attack!

October 4th is international Animal Day so I'll try and provide a Halloweeny post devoted to our 動物 (doubutsu = animal) friends. 99.98% of all animals in the media in Japan are cute, so I'll try and provide a few that are a little creepier.

Two of the most famous Animals in Japan are the Tanuki & the Kitsune. Thanks to an earlier post, you can learn more about the Tanuki (with an awesome song by Eartha Kitt!) Surprisingly, I've never written about the Kitsune before (but this guy has!) As with most legends, the Fox is a trickster god and he often takes on human form, marries and then dies tragically. A fox with 9 tails is the cleverest of all! I don't have any Kitsune Masks, but I do have a Jackal that I picked up in New Orleans!

How about a little bit of Gahan Wilson's greatness:

Most of the stuffed animals that I've UFO-caught are cutesy ones that I give away to the ladies hoping to get something in return. These guys are just too cool to give up.

This isn't very scary but it is a smattering of cards from a Magic-type game where you pit animals against each other based on their strengths & skills. I've tried using these in a lesson, but I end up learning much more than my students do.

This is from another similar series of Animal-attack cards that came with a potato-ring snack, but this time they're nastier looking! I can only find one for now, but the others were mentioned here. (Be sure to click on the photo to elephantasize it.)

Godzilla didn't fight all that many animals, except maybe Mothra or Ebirah. But my favourite animal has to be that Dog/Lion hybrid known as キング シーサー (King Caesar)!

Here Godzilla battles King Caesar and you get to watch him maim Anguirus & Radon/Rodan as well!

As for Gegege animalistic characters, one need go no further than the rodentine ねずみ男 (Nezumi-Otoko = Ratman) or the feline 猫娘 (Neko-Musume = CatChick).

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