Hop To It!

Now that the Boris Blogathon is over, I can get back to less important crap, such as today's lunchhour in downtown Sendai which brought many more goodies into the Jones' household. For starters, I gained a new Peter Rabbit プレート・カップ・ボウル set during lunch at KFC. It's a rather nice plate, cup & bowl showing off the lovely artwork of Beatrix Potter.

I went to book a visit to the dentist which just happens to be right next to my Capsule salesman. There wasn't much to waste my coinage on, but he did have a set of デフォルメ (deformed) Devilman & friends from the GO NAGAI Collection...irresistable!

The latest Frankensteinia Blogathon has brought more traffic to this humble site including 2 more followers. One of those followers was the host of that very Borisathon, I urge you to head there (after reading my blog of course.) I also gained a professional Art Director type-guy named Karswell who hosts a blog called, THE HORRORS OF IT ALL with a recent run on a comic I'd never read before called Frankenstein. You can read several issues of a very amusing and quaint comic there! Speaking of followers though, I'd surf on over to Black Sun who has a terrific post on the merits of GeGeGe, of whom I coincidentally picked up two old videos at a buck a pop! Now I have the incentive I've needed to get my VCR fixed!

Check out this which looks like it might have been a feature movie. Based on the cover, it looks like it would have been appropriate for last week's posts! I will give you a review of it once I get around to watching it!

Let's see what goodies I shall reap upon my return to downtown when I get my teeth cleaned on Wednesday!


Shonen King said...

Thanks for mentioning my posts Michael. I had a lot of fun writing it. Those VHS tapes look cool, I see one is a theatrical feature. That's a good one.

Michael Jones said...

I have TONS more GeGeGe goodies to put up in the near future...


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