A Freaky Friday Flick.

Originally expected here last June, 猿の惑星:創世記 (さるのわくせい ジェネシス=Saru no Wakusei: Jeneshisu or Rise of the Planet of the Apes) finally graced these shores and a trio of us went to the show tonight (doubling the crowd on opening night...not a good omen).

My review: loved it. Liked the cast, good guys were good, bad guys were bad and apes aped humans accordingly. Except for the obligatory and contrived "Get your stinking hands of me you damn dirty ape", I thought all the little tributes (Caesar, Bright Eyes, Buck, Maurice, Cornelia, Statue of Liberty) were an added bonus. Alex had one or two quibbles with it but my only point of consternation is that apparently with increased intelligence, one develops a larynx. Other than that, I adored it.

Another point of complaint is the complete and utter lack of merchandise accompanying its release. When I posted this, I uttered that the merchandising of Tim Burton's reimagining was the best part of the movie. Hopefully some goodies such as this Mousepad will surface in the following few days.

I hoped to relate this to Halloween by donning my Ape mask (as seen here from an old post) but since the quake, it has disappeared. It either fell down behind my closet or I packed it away for safekeeping. Regardless, 2 hours of fruitless searching left me empty handed.

I did find some Simpsons Pop-Out People from "A Fish Called Selma", so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Oh yeah, after the movie there were several special guests at the cinema and they very graciously agreed to pose with me! (They're awfully dark, so you should click on them to get a better view. I didn't want to use a flash we were already getting dirty looks from the staff...jealous, I guess.)

More Halloweeny stuff tomorrow, I promise!

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