Mmmmm, Pi.

Happy Π Day everyone!

Tomorrow is PI Day, so I'll post this today in order to give yourselves a chance to run out and make or buy a PIE for that special Math Geek or Geekette in your life. Thanks to Laura for reminding the world.

Last year at this time, I mentioned about Π Day to a coworker and she informed me that the Education Minister had recommended to the Math community that for the ease of learning how to calculate the radius of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, that Π be approximated as "3". I was frankly aghast at this suggestion, afraid that the previously renowned Japanese Mathematics Intellect would be reduced to the level of North America. I am happy to report that this recommendation has been rejected and Π has returned to its original transcendental number value. Phew! In honour of this revelation, I now present for you some Simpson's references to Π!

(While playing patty-cake:)

Cross my heart and hope to die
Here's the digits that make Π

Kent Brockman, reporting: PIE/ PI: Popular pastry, tricky math thing, and now sword of righteousness. A masked avenger has been giving Springfield's scoundrels their [chuckle] just desserts.

And finally, the most famous reference...

Prof. Frink: Scientists ... Scientists, please! I'm looking for some order. Some order, please, with the eyes forward and the hands neatly folded and the paying of attention. Π is exactly three!
[crowd gasps]
Frink: Very sorry that it had to come to that, but now that I have your attention, we have some exciting new research from young Lisa Simpson. Let's bring her out and pay attention.

A 10-digit Π Day is coming up on March 14th, 2015 at 9:26 AM and 53 seconds (3.14.15 9:26.53) Set your alarms now!

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