Earlier this month, a newspaper dedicated to all things Ultra was released and for only 300¥, you get tons of news & pics.

I never did see these guys at Mosburger. Did anyone?

I love this two page spread of most of the bad guys! So cool!

Several more shots of the cast and characters:

I'm Ultra-Brian and so's my wife!

Of course there are the obligatory ads. Here's one for the Dark Knight and another for some Ultra-DVDs. (Batman vs. Ultraman would be an awesome crossover!)

And what you've all been waiting for, the Ultra-Babes!

Speaking of babes, from this Ultra-page  this latest AKB48 tune seems rather incongruous with all the other action happening (Kaiju-attack, horror, gunfights); doesn't their dancing seem out of place?

If you're an AKB-oholic (and who isn't?) check out their webpage with some details on their new album, Gingham check!

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