Avengers Reassemble!

Now that I've finally seen the Avengers, I find I can't get enough of them. So what better way than to cast them in different universes? (Thanks to the fine folks at Kotaku for these.)

Sailor Moon Avengers:

Doraemon Avengers:

Unicorn Avengers: (Are these actually My Little Pony?)

Take your pick of Pixar Avengers:

Since Disney now owns Marvel, how long until we see this?

Any of my gal-pals want to take a crack at designing their own costumes in time for Halloween? Dig those ass-kicking shoes on Black Widow and I would love to see Ironman in heels!

I'm not much for sewing so I'd have to settle with a T-shirt. These are nice but you can only order them online and they're all sold out except for Hulk & the hoodie. Still pretty cool! Check out the A Bathing Ape website if you'd like to buy me one!

On a more somber note, this kid could have used anyone of the above Avengers a long time ago.

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