The Cabin in the Woods!

Today I ventured out into the great unknown for some bugs, babes & BBQ. I had no idea who'd be there, where it was located, what I needed to bring or even where to meet the others who were going. I did meet the others, programmed a # into my GPS and joined by my erstwhile companion Michael Tonge, we struck out on our journey. It turns out that our destination was in the mountains near Shiroishi on Mt. Zao  and my GPS plunked me in the middle of nowhere. "You have reached your destination", exclaimed my Navi, placing us smack dab in the middle of a bridge. We waited for others to show (they never did) and while waiting espied a beauty of a butterfly!

We finally rendezvoused with another car at a nearby 7-11 and then met up with the rest of the convoy. Our meeting place was another false start and eventually after 2 or 3 more false starts, we made it to this farmhouse. I was expecting to meet a few Deliverance boys and the Dueling Banjos theme was running through my head. After a trek up a hill, we made it to this out-of-the-way spot and I was shocked to find a Cabin in the Woods!

Much to my surprise, this did not occur:

I stayed on alert but it turned out okay. I saw several more bugs including a mini wasp's nest and assorted spiders, grasshoppers & beetles..

I was invited by Nori and the rest of the gang there were made up of a Badminton troupe. For we Canadians, badminton is a game you play at a picnic, but in Asia it's deadly serious stuff! Several beautiful babes (and a few guys) were in attendance.

As with all BBQs in this country, there was tons of food!

Yummy food (except for the chicken anuses), yummy friends & yummy weather made for quite the enjoyable day!

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